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We are committed to produce quality results to our learners from Grade 10 - Grade 12 in all subjects.

We have a Team with a very Strong reputation and excelling in the subjects they tutor. We are very cheap and affordable by everyone. 

For as little as R200 per month,you get up to 8 video step by step lessons for the desired subject together with notes, exercises and solution. We also go through past Exam papers from 2016 to 2019.We also assist learners with Homework and assigments,Homework is R40 each, and an Assignment is R60 each. If you're driven for excellency,sit back ,let us drive you there!


Our Team

Grade 12 Accounting

I am passionate about academics and I enjoy using my skills to aid the learning of others. I am an extremely patient tutor. My best attribute is understanding how the student studies and consumes knowledge effectively, in which it allows me to tailor the lesson to their advantage. I always use practical, relatable examples to simplify the content.I am doing my second year in Accounting science and I did very well in my matric. Allow me to help you with cash flow,balance sheet and many more. My name is Oratile Moloi 20 years of age My Motto is to be the best at what I do. LETS TALK ABOUT NUMBERS

Grade 12 Physical Science

Hi there, I  am known as Corneilius, by birth Corneille Isolo Kintibidi aged 23.

I am a science student at University of Johannesburg and I am currently pursuing BSc in Physical Sciences, specializing in Mathematics and Physics.

Science caught my attention at an early age, I loved vigorous calculations and always questioned everything around  me...such as, what are  clouds made  of? why do we have to eat food to gain energy? what is energy?...etc.

I knew it would be a difficult and stranuous journey, back then my  parent could not afford a tutor. I knew the outcome of my future is all dependent on me.Hence I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, just to secure myself a seat at the  University of Johannesburg.My journey of giving back to the community all started when I was in matric, I started tutoring grade 8, untill today I am still a tutor of all high school grades in the domain of mathematics, physical sciences and applied mathematics.Specifically chemistry, physics and mathematics are three streams that I  always engage with in my  career. I am driven young lad and passionate on giving back what I have and still acquired in this journey of becoming a scientist.Remember what Ntate Madiba left us with"Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world".

Grade 12  Mathematics

My name Thabani! I am a graduate student in Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting.I could have easily picked to tutor accounting but experience is everything! . I have 1 year tutoring experience(served in 2016. I took a gap year) in high school Mathematics and Geography. During this time I worked closely with students who needed additional assistance. I was working with about 20 to 30 students at a time, some would require extra help so I would also work on weekends. During this extra time I was helping with not only Maths and Geography but also other subjects like physical sciences and English. That's how passionate I am.I wasn't a private tutor at that time, so I had access to senior teachers for proper guidance and that will come in handy this time around.

I want to benefit students I work with as much as possible, therefore welcome suggestions students and parents can provide. I am easy to reach and I will commit to offer prompt responses. Feel free to contact me for additional questions are welcome or to schedule a lesson!

 Grade 12 Geography

Hi, My name is Sifiso Mdumbe. I am a youtube content creator and a 3rd year student at University of Johannesburg doing Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Chemistry. I like assisting others and I promote learning and personal development. That is the reason why I give career guidance and share my academic journey on my youtube channel so that people can draw inspiration and become the best versions of themselves.      Geography was my favorite subject at school and I was taught by the best teacher, who managed to make the subject fun and enjoyable. I am looking forward to helping you get a distinction for this subject.                                      "The study of geography is about more than just memorizing places on a map. It's about understanding the complexity of our world. Appreciating the diversity of our cultures that exists across the continents. And in the end, its about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together'- Barack Obama

Grade 12 Life Science

Hi my name is Rinae Mudau. I am currently a third-year student studying BSC in Botany and Chemistry at the University of Johannesburg.  I am a hardworking person, a person that believes that your life is a result of your decisions and choices. And I also believe that as person, you make mistakes, then you don't just sit around, you then face them, learn from them, and grow from them.

Motivation :A dream doesn't become a reality through just talking about it, it needs hard work, sweat, tears and a lot of ambition. you have to ignore the fear of failure and jump whenever an opportunity arises, so give your all when you still have time and energy.

Grade 11 Physical Science

Cursey Hitekani Maluleke
If it doesn’t make you cry because of how happy you are, then it is not worth pursuing; these are the words Cursey lives on. They apply on everything one can think of in life, be it a career path, relationships and etc. She has changed her career path multiple times because they previously didn’t feel fulfilling and she wasn’t overjoyed by them. Now it might seem reckless to constantly change careers, but the passion one has is always and forever stronger than the fears one might have; those are her believes.
Even if it takes you years to get what you want, to live the life you want, to get where you want to be, go for it, for at the end it will all be worth it, the feeling of joy and wholeness. One needs to remember not to compare themselves to other people, for that is a game for losers.
Generally in life, we always have people that pull us up whenever we’re down. That is what Cursey aspires to be, she aspires to be a pillar, she wants to be a helping hand and a stepping stone, to pass all the knowledge and passion she has to someone else who seeks for such. She wants to help in unlocking all the potential that lies in any individual she can help. Creative minds deserve creative outlets.
Makhosini Combined Secondary School (2014 – 2016)
National Senior Certificate – 2016
University of the Witwatersrand (2017 – current)
Bachelor of Arts (Gen) (2018 – current)

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